Plus Dresses

Designing your own dress

Consider getting a plus  dress tailor made for you. You might not like this idea of waiting around and you also might have a creative flair. If so, you could also design your own dress. You are probably thinking ‘what?’ but you could just sketch what you want on a piece of paper and take it to a tailors to be made for you. Or, you can take in a picture of a plue size  dress and they can make a copy.
Do this at least four weeks in advance, so that you have time to have it altered if needed.


Getting ready for the prom

Try everything on to check how it all comes together. A couple of weeks before your prom, try on your dress with your shoes, jewelry, make-up, and hairstyle to be sure you like the finished look. Walk and move around in your cheap  prom dress a little to give it a comfort check.


Get ready on the night of the prom. On the night of your prom, put your dress and a “cover-up” (any clean shirt or jacket) on before applying make-up or styling your hair. This will prevent any make-up smudges or product stains on your fabulous prom dress.

To complete the look, don’t forget that beautiful smile. Wearing a nice prom dress is good, but if you are smiling it will make you look like the best person in there. You confidence will go through the roof when you get all the compliments.