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How to Take a Girl to Prom

Some people spend their whole year getting excited for Ball Gowns– and understandably so. Prom is an opportunity for people to celebrate the end of the year and to spend time with their friends and date. Taking a girl to prom can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it before, but it will be more than worth the hassle

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1、Ask the girl. The first step in taking a girl to the prom is also the hardest: you have to ask her to go with you. You can do this simply, by pulling her aside between classes, or more elaborately.
If you’re not crushing on anyone at the moment, consider asking a close friend to prom. You already know you’ll have a good time with her.
If you don’t want to go with anyone in particular, you can also go with a big group of your single friends.


2、Consider a promposal. If you feel up to the challenge, ask a girl to the prom with an elaborate promposal. Promposals should be fun and creative, so try to find a fun and personal way to ask your date to join you.
Try covering her bed with balloons that read “I have a big question to pop…will you go to prom with me?”
Make her a sign out of legos that reads, “Lego to Prom!”
Have a pizza sent to her house with writing on the box, reading “Is this too cheesy or will you go to prom with me?”

3、Decide if you want to go as part of a group. If you or your date have close circles of friends, you may want to team up and go to prom as a group. You may also run into a situation where you and your date disagree on which group to go with. Be a gentleman and let her choose.
It ultimately doesn’t matter which group you go with. You’ll see your friends at the prom either way.
If you choose to skip the group, that’s okay too. It just means you and your date will have more time alone.


4、Decide on transportation. Depending on who you’re going to prom with, you may want to take a limo. You may also want to skip the limo and take separate cars. Talk it over with your date and your group and decide what works best for your vision and your prom budget.
If you need to accommodate a large number of people, school busses and party busses are also great options.
Pick a point person to collect all the money and make all the arrangements. Make sure you get them your money on time.

5、Rent your tux. Most proms are black tie, which means renting a tux is a necessity. Talk with your date and find out what kind of dress she’s planning to wear. Then look for a tux that goes with that theme.
It’s not necessary to match your vest and tie to your date’s dress. You’re better off going with a neutral color, like navy blue or black.
Rent your tux early. There are only so many rental places and they run out quickly.
Remember to pick your tux up on the correct day and return it the day after the prom.


6、Buy a corsage. The corsage is a small arrangement of flowers you’ll give to your date to wear on her wrist or dress. The arrangement should match her dress, so ask your date to give you a color swatch of what she plans to wear. Bring that swatch to the florist when you go to buy your corsage.
Florists get incredibly busy around prom, so order your corsage at least two weeks prior to prom.
For bonus points, ask your date if there’s a style of corsage she likes. Ask her to send you a picture, then give that picture to the florist to use as inspiration.